GAFNC Long Live Jase Nelson

We are proud to be part of Lifeblood Teams, the group blood donation program from Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

Jase Nelson is a past player and coached many juniors teams with his highlight being the 2016 Under 16 Premiership. Jase's son, nephew and brother have all played/play at Ammos. A true Ammos family.

Jas was diagnosed with AML- a rare and aggressive form of leukemia and sadly lost his battle on 17th September 2023 after an 18 month battle.

To keep Jase' legacy, there are many of us that want to be able to do more to help. One very proactive way is to roll up your sleeve and donate life saving blood or plasma. If you're not eligible, you can still spread this life saving message.

A Lifeblood team- Team Long Live Jase Nelson has been set up in Jase's honour and we are encouraging Ammos people to register as a team member and donate blood and/or plasma.

So, roll up your sleeves for Jase!

Give life during the blood drive to make your donation count.

Get involved by booking a donation at, call 13 14 95 or on the DonateBlood app.

And make sure you sign up to our Lifeblood Team, Team Long Live Jase Nelson.

Every year the Ammos family will be dedicated our last home game of each year to Jase Nelson.