Membership Online Registration

Online Registration

Follow this guide being careful to follow instructions and DO NOT select New member

All previously registered players to the club and those transferring from other clubs are existing members!

  1. Enter email and go from there. You will probably have to ask for a new password, and doing so seems to be a good way to go.
  2. Once you have entered a password using a capital letter at the start and some numbers, also repeat as confirmation, you’ll be directed back to a rego page ensure you select the box on lower LHS with your name in it. It’s harder to find on a phone as it’s low down on the page.
  3. DO NOT select options as a new player or Auskick etc!!
  4. Next page has info boxes with any compulsory marked with a red indicator. DO NOT select a school etc – it creates problems.
  5. Next selection are obvious, there’s one for payment if you want to pay online otherwise skip.
  6. Check the last box as understanding terms and conditions.