Geelong Amateurs Auskick

The AUSKICK @ AMMOS  program is available to boys and girls aged 5-12 years of age (children must be turning 5 in the calendar year). Through weekly sessions children will learn the skills of the game in a fun and safe environment.

The Geelong Amateur Auskick program takes place at Queens Park on Friday evenings from 4:30pm – 5:30pm for mixed groups, girls Auskick TBC for time & place if numbers permit.

START DATE: Friday 26th March

Key Points for the AUSKICK @ AMMOS Program: 

– Age groups include Kindergarten, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2+.
– Emphasis is on fun skill development and game play
– Register and pay online at (find Geelong Amateur’s Auskick program under Geelong postcode)

All registrations and payments must be completed online through the Auskick Website prior to starting Auskick. You can register as long as your child has turned 5 years old by the time they start.

AUSKICK @ AMMOS fosters a fun environment where children have the freedom to run, jump, kick, laugh and express themselves. We start from the very beginning, teaching all players the basics of the game. All children are different and learn differently and at different speeds, so to account for this, we ensure our program is tailored to suit all individual needs. As parents, you can enjoy Auskick @ Ammos knowing your child is safe, included, engaged and active.

We always need extra hands to help out on the ground; the more parents that get involved, the better our sessions will run and the more enjoyment the kids have. Therefore we encourage active involvement from parents during our Auskick sessions. For those parents who are new to the game, we are here to support. Our wonderful staff and/or volunteers at Ammos are always happy to guide you on your own football journey. Regardless of any previous football experience, many parents say playing with their kids at Auskick @ Ammos is the highlight of their week!

Throughout the season we aim to have family Pizza or Pie Nights, and we generally finish our season with a ‘Parents vs Kids’ Showdown and presentation. We also offer the opportunity for Grade 2+ children to attend and play a half-time grid game at an AFL match, as well as a Super Clinic held at Simmonds Stadium. Here, your child would get the chance to meet players from the Geelong Cats.

For further information or queries please contact;

David Maddock – 0499 447 775
Josh Logan – 0422 213 673