Season 2016 was a season of a new committee and many highlights for Junior football at Geelong Amateur Football & Netball Club.



The Junior Committee of Gavin Dowling, Belinda Augustsson, Andrew Richardson, Dirk Scott, Sophie Ingpen, Chris Horniblow, Maree Mirkovic, Kate Kennett, Sue Swan & Hayden Bickett are to be complimented on their excellent planning and operations throughout the season

The planning and implementation undertaken by Andrew Richardson is to ensure that all coaches and players were aware of procedures is to be commended. Andy once again ensured that a quality program that engaged all participants for the whole GAFNC on field Junior Football program was offered.

Dirk Scott also should be congratulated for his tireless hours of voluntary work ensuring that all teams had a venue to play football, and that teams were organised for each match. An amazing effort early in the year ensured that all registered players were allocated a team, and his continuing liasing with AFL Barwon was appreciated by all of the committee and parents of children.

Belinda was outstanding in her role as secretary as she spent many hours, especially at the start of the season with registration ensuring that communication and organisation was intact.

Our Junior Football program (which includes Auskick) saw up to 750 -800 kids running around Queens Park on a weekly basis. Taking this into consideration it is becoming increasingly important that some thought and planning go into the safety aspect of traffic within this area in the near future.

We acknowledge and thank the tremendous support from parents in various roles that allow us to field 15 NLL teams, and 4 GJFL teams. We had 22 Coaches working with these teams, along with the fantastic support of the parents who took on the Team Manager’s and First Aid roles with each team. As a result of this support and the brilliant work done by everyone in our Junior section makes our club one of the biggest local clubs when it comes to developing junior footballers. It is a legacy of the previous work done by Jon Ryan and Tony Slack as Junior Presidents of the GAFNC, and the support of their committee members in developing a great junior program.



The Auskick program was capably led by Nick Rice. Under his guidance and support from a large number of coaches, mainly parents, an excellent program was delivered to all participants. This allowed the tradition of quality coaching for the youngest of footballers to continue at GAFNC.

The time and effort that Nick put into the program is to be acknowledged and has provided a platform from which a family orienteered club can continue to grow. Nick was a finalist at the Geelong and District Coaches Association for Auskick Coach of the Year.

This part of the club continued to foster a family friendly environment for all involved and there were many opportunities for all participants to feel part of the whole club.

‘Girls only’ Auskick program began in April. This program was in conjunction with Geelong FC and was a ‘pilot program’ with AFL Barwon. We will look to continue a Girls only Auskick program next season. This will support the Club’s endeavour to build our Girls football program in the seasons to come.


Newtown Little League

Competing in the Newtown Little League the club entered 15 teams this season, which is a credit to the club and the work of the Junior Committee.

5 x U9 teams             4 x U10 teams                       3 x U11 teams                     3 x U12 teams

Each coach continued to build the players individual skill whilst developing a greater awareness of structured team play. Using the GAFNC Junior Coaching handbook as a guide, the coaches are to be commended on the development that was evident throughout the season.

Special mention must be made to Anthony Leigh, Hayden, and Jason for their nominations through the Geelong and District Coaches Association. Each coach was a finalist and we should be very proud that our coaches continue to be recognised for the Coach of the Year awards.

We also acknowledged the achievements of all teams who were successful in many ways throughout the season. Players were rewarded each week with Muzza Burger vouchers for good sportsmanship and at the end of the season presentations were awarded to most consistent, most determined, best team player most improved and coaches award for each team. Voting for these awards were undertaken by all parents and coaching staff from each team to ensure equity and proved to be popular with all parents. Presentation day was another huge celebration for the club and also successful fundraising for the GAFNC.


Geelong Junior Football League

2 x U14 teams                       2 x U16 teams (2nd team combined with Sth Barwon)

GAFNC entered two teams at each age level, with our 2nd U16 team joining with South Barwon (U16) to provide opportunities for the boys who did not make the Geelong Amateur U16 A team. This merger enabled all players the opportunity to play and more importantly paly at their level.

Jason Nelson coached the Under 16 team, with the support of Ross Fagan (senior player). This coaching combination provided a positive learning environment for our U16 playing group. Jason and Ross were joined by Paul Fagan towards the end of the season, which made for a successful finish to the season. Individuals within the team demonstrated excellent development throughout the year, and the education on team structures and playing a role within the team by the coaches is to be congratulated. Our U16 A team played in Div.2 and were Premiers this season, which is a fantastic outcome. Our combined U16 team played in Div.5.

The Under 14 A team coached by Geoff Williams and Andrew Richardson played in Division 3, and were successful in winning the premiership. The Under 14 B team also reached the grand final but were unlucky on the day. Our U14 playing group was well supported by Jacob Sharp (senior player) who provided invaluable coaching and feedback to these young players throughout the season. We also acknowledge the support given to this playing group from Michael McMahon, Chris Horniblow, Dean Goddard and Graeme Arnold on game days as well as at training.

The inclusion of senior players in our junior program further enhances the development that occurs over the season with our young Ammos players. This is a credit to the club, and we look forward to this occurring in the seasons to come.


Representative Football

Jeremy Goddard and Fionn Holten were selected in the Falcons V/Line team to play in the State U15 competition in September. Following on from this competition they have both been selected in the Falcons U16 squad for 2017. Further, Matt Thacker (U14) was selected in the training squad for the U15 Falcons team, providing Matt with a great opportunity to train with the best 14 and 15year olds in the community. Training and playing at this higher level provided these Ammo’s players with a great experience and one that will enhance their development.


2017 Planning

We are excited to announce that Chris Horniblow will take on the key role of Managing and Coordinating our club’s efforts to develop Girls football in 2017. We have a number of young girls playing in our NLL teams and at Newtown FC in the Junior and Youth Girls competitions. We will focus on building a U12, U15 and U19 team to play in each of the local competitions next season. Chris has begun his marketing and promotion of girl’s football at the Ammos and we look forward to embracing girls football in 2017. Past junior player Eliza Shannon has been selected in Geelong FC VFL Women’s squad and TAC Girls Falcons squad for next season.

In 2017 it is hoped that more parents and friends will become more actively involved within the club and organisation of events. Hayden Bickett will take on the coaching coordinators role within the Newtown Little League, and Paul Fagan will oversee the coaching at our U14 and U16 age groups. Our coaching line-up is settled for next season and we thank the great work completed by Hayden and Dirk to make this happen so efficiently post this season. Committee members have confirmed their desire to continue in their roles and much forward planning has been undertaken already so a positive year is forecast for our section of the club.